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Project Description
AutoMerge is command line utilite, helps to merge different text file versions into single result file. It finds changes made in version files; detects changes conflicts and constructs output file with changes merged. Developed using C# and .NET ver.4. Also, includes WCF service.

Implements LCS algorithm (see
Available as sources (see Source Code tab)

Usage: {AutoMergeCmd[.exe] /o[utput]=resultFileName /s[ource]=sourceFileName /c[hanged]=changedFileName[,changedFileName]}
resultFileName - name of output file with merged changes
sourceFileName - initial unchanged file name
changedFileName - name of modified file based on source file

Also, since version 1.5 Automerge includes WCF service, WCF self-host application and WCF test client application implements text merge functionality.
Before use WCF applications, please setup config files (see Readme files for details).

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